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Chembuster what is it? What does it do?

Have you looked up into the sky is unseen in criss-cross of trails from aircraft. Only just seen one aircraft which trails following behind it that looked like exhaust fumes in the shape of clouds coming from the rear of an aircraft. The authorities will tell you that is water vapour or tiny ice crystals!

Then there are the conspiracy theorists say that everything that comes from the back of a jet plane is a pollutant or the government is spraying the population.

What do you think?

This is if we can get down to the nitty-gritty. Both are given above views are correct, if you take the scientific view then what comes out of a jet engine in ideal conditions is water vapour or tiny ice crystals depending on the outside temperature. The conspiracy theories are also correct because there is so much pollution in our atmosphere that the jet engine redistributes it along with the water vapour and a tiny ice crystals. For a fuller explanation please see chemtrails on the button above or click here.


What is a chembuster? What does a chembuster do?

A chembuster is a collection of copper pipes crystals and organ matrix material set as a circle of pipe's with a double terminated quartz crystal in the base of each pipe. Each pipe is set in a base of organ matrix material.

You will notice that my chembuster are different to 99% of all the other busters because they have a central pipe. The central pipe's acts as a focus or a pivital point. This central focus makes the chembuster much more powerful. It becomes the axis for the energy flow, enabling the chembuster.

The chembuster shoots up pure organ energy into the skies and punches holes in any clouds, whether they are natural or chemical. These holes get larger and larger. As the orgone energy returns to Earth. It brings with it a lot of DOR which equals dead orgone energy, this is returned to the base of the chembuster to be transmuted into pure orgone energy again. Thus the chembuster creates a circle of energy shooting pure orgone energy into the sky and returning dead orgone energy plus chemicals to the base of the chembuster to be transmuted by the orgone matrix material. This circle effect is produced because of the double terminated quartz crystals. Energy that passes through double terminated quartz crystals forms a pattern unlike the iron filings pattern when North and South pole magnet placed under piece of paper.

It is important that if you touch the pipes of the chembuster you have to ground yourself by touching the base of the chembuster, if you fail to do this it will result in headaches.